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A small village on the island of Corfu. Kavos is recognised as a former fishing village.

Kavos is a popular holiday destination for many Brits each year. It is valued by its visitors each year for its long strip of bars which runs parallel to the coastline. Kavos is not an ideal destination for couples, families or anyone with self respect and values.

Kavos has been formed over the years into a breeding pit for the lesser in society to mingle and multiply.

Following in the footsteps of similair locations as Magaluf, Zante, Ayia Napa and Ibiza, Kavos has been eternally scarred for being a singles resort, to party, drink copious amounts of waterred down cocktails and wkd.

Also popular with groups of STI ridden, northern groups of males who claim to be gods gift to women.

Note to all travelling to Kavos: maximum of 1 GCSE permitted if wishing to travel in to Kavos. Preferrably in something meaningless such as PE or Textile Design.
Guy 1: "I'm looking for some clunge this year, alcohol and easy birds, where would you recommend?"

Guy 2:"Gotta be Kavos mate!".
by Tom Sharpe Jnr June 12, 2011
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