3 definitions by Tom Selleck

When you have diarrhea and make a sweet stew of gravy, and there is somehow a lone turd floating around exploring the bowl like Christopher Columbus upon the Santa Maria.
After taco bell last night I had a gravy boat the size of a jimmy dean's sausage.
by Tom Selleck February 2, 2017
A journeyman professional footballer, who, if you swap the first letters of his christian and surname, you amusingly get the words Lenny Kunt.
That Jamie Oliver talks like a right Kenny Lunt.

Right Mr Barrymore, you say that you were nowhere near the deceased on the night of your pool party! What do you think Her Majesty’s constabulary are? A bunch of Kenny Lunts?

Another shocking miss for Crewe. That Kenny Lunt couldn't finish his breakfast.
by Tom Selleck September 12, 2006
That gentleman is packing quite a virostek! Poor little guy.
by Tom Selleck December 5, 2006