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A somewhat derogatory name for the cities of Houston, TX and Baton Rouge, LA due to the mass influx of displaced New Orleans residents after the Hurricane Katrina disaster. The name alludes to the burden these evacuee communities have placed on the infrastructure of said cities. Many use the term to comment on the increased crime and welfare rates in Baton Rouge and Houston.

A friend of mine lives in Baton Rouge. He's hating it in New New Orleans.

You going to the concert in Houston? If you're going down to New New Orleans be sure to bring your body armor.
by Tom H. September 17, 2006
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A woman whose inner and outer beauty and charm is in constant competition for supremacy. She radiates tranquility with a dash of venture, so you are regulary kept on your toes. The kind of girl you wish to be worthy for her attention, which easily comes and there it goes making your whole body ache for more. The guys are struck by her out of this world good looks and magnetic persona, while girls go ga ga and switch teams for her.
Shira:"Look it's Pninit! I feel like a newborn and life is so grand"
by Tom H. November 22, 2021
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Tattoos in a very visible area of the body. Originally used to describe knuckle tattoos, the term has broadened to inclued ink work on hands, neck, face, forearms, etc.

The term makes the obvious allusion to the fact that, in many segments of American Society, persons with the tattoos in question have somewhat limited career opportunities.
"As soon as she spotted my Job Killers, the interview was pretty much OVER"

"But I'm the most qualified candidate! Must be the Job Killers. Don't descriminate based on the colors of my skin!"
by Tom H. January 16, 2007
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Monday, September 25, 2006. The triumphant return of the NFL's New Orleans Saints to their home field - The Louisiana Superdome. This is their first home game since the Hurricane Katrina Disaster and their first TRULY home game since 2004. The Saints hosted their rivals the Atlanta Falcons for an emotionally charged battle. In the end, the Saints prevailed to a 3-0 record.

New Orleans Saints 23
Atlanta Falcons 3 FINAL

"You going to the Domecoming?"

"Wouldn't miss it for the World! See you there!"
by Tom H. September 27, 2006
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this is when one recieves a blumpkin but is not sitting on a toilet bowl. The receiver just starts shitting whereever he is receiving the blowjobs. also known as a Lindy Blumpkin because the origins are said to have started in Lindenhurst.
Yo mike was getting head in his bed, but let his bowels loose and got the dietrich blumpkin!
by Tom H. November 12, 2006
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The mass evacuation, and the resultant massive traffic jams, in large portions of Texas preceeding the landfall of Hurricane Rita. Many people ran out of fuel and were forced to camp out on the side of major highways and fend for themselves.

Hurricane Rita (the "other" Hurricane) made a last-minute Easterly turn. Bad news for East Texas and West Louisiana. Good news for those camped out on highways further West in Texas.
My friends and I pretty much avoided the Texodus by taking tiny back roads.
by Tom H. September 24, 2006
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