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In military lingo, also a "Bravo Foxtrot."
Sergeant: "I outrank you, so I'll put myself in for the one weekend pass."
Private: "Roger that, Bravo Foxtrot."
Sergeant: "Huh?"
Private: "Buddy Fucker, ya'deuche!"
by Tom Bosch March 09, 2006

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Line from the movie "Wedding Crashers" uttered by the legendary Christopher Walken. Can be used whenever someone fails to show at a pre-determined time or is inexplicably missing. A more polite way of saying, "Well, if he doesn't wanna go, then fuck him!"
"Where's Sak?"
"He's still sick."
"Well, then. We sail without him!"
by Tom Bosch March 09, 2006

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A person so inept as to be utterly useless in any capacity; not just a tool, but an entire bag FOR tools, making him/her a repository for all things lacking any socially acceptable value.
"Did you hear that John got his hand caught in the toilet when he dropped his cell phone down the hole and tried to fish it out? What a toolbag!"
by Tom Bosch March 09, 2006

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A military term used to describe how combat engineers deal with an improvised explosive device; rather than risk injury or destruction to surrounding property, they will wire explosives to it and detonate it where it was placed/buried, or 'blow it in place.' Also, used to describe what will happen to someone if they keep fucking up.
"Shit! I pissed away millions of my investor's money, now the government is going to have to bail my firm out."

"Dude, when the news finds out, you're gonna be blown in place."
by Tom Bosch September 23, 2008

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Randal Flagg, the physical representation of all that is evil in Stephen King's 'The Stand.' Also, anyone that appears to be your friend and confidant, then turns and totally wigs out on you for something stupid, becoming irrational and hyper-violent.
Man, Stan went all Randal Flagg on me when I told him I was banging his sister.
by Tom Bosch August 10, 2008

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A sign of our times: when a girl sets her cellphone on vibrate and tucks it in her crotch wile she drive/sits at work/whatever and is expecting a call at any moment. When the phone 'rings,' the girl tends to shuffle a bit in her seat.
I was at a stoplight and saw this girl in the car next to me looking like she was cumming. Then she pulled a phone from between her legs. It was a pink shuffle.
by Tom Bosch August 10, 2008

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