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This expression could come either from italian or spanish, it literally means "hand to hand" and it is used to indicate an argue, a verbal fight between two people.
"I had a mano a mano with John yesterday, i hate when he talks to me like that."
"You and John should stop with those head to head discussions..."
by Tobeeto dudy flappucine March 24, 2017
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Pathwalk is a synonym for sidewalk or something like that, the word is self explanatory, a path you walk onto.
Yesterday i dropped my phone on the pathwalk whilst was walking to school.
by Tobeeto dudy flappucine September 02, 2017
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A person you would like to fuck, someone really hot, or maybe just a slut.
"she' s so dickable i' d get my cock into her vagina."
"that girl is so dickable, she' s such a nice booty"
by Tobeeto dudy flappucine December 07, 2016
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