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A poorly-enunciated varient of the word "Stinky." Most often used by those with poor grammatical skills or by the wangsters. Avoid those people at all costs!
Noob1: "Damn. Yah momma's so stanky, da gawbage man-"

EducatedMan/Woman: "Shut the fuck up, retard! "Stanky" is not a word, nooblet!"

Noob1: :( -Cries in the corner-
by TiureJabba April 19, 2010

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A fetish for Native Americans, Native American culture, or Native American whatever. Typically found in Greenland by horny Danes, Savage Plague has since made a few outbreaks in Asia, Australia, and even parts of backward Europe. Derives from the words "Noble Savage," a derogatory term for Native Americans.
Euroamerican dude: Damn! Did you see that sexy dark skinned, straight black haired chick walk by? She has a huge ass!

Some random dude: Shut the fucking hell up! Valiciana will kick your fucking Savage Plague'd ass!

Euroamerican dude: O_O' I have Sava
by TiureJabba October 04, 2009

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