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this is an area in elder scrollsoblivion which contains numerous amounts of rooms which in turn contain every single weapon, piece of armor, piece of clothing, shield, item, creature and every single possible thing in the game either laid out on tables or in crates. it was left over by the developers and can only be accessed by typing in "coc testinghall" or or other variation of this in the console. a very fun place and a good place to get rich from.
Where did you get that sword???

I found it in coc testinghall on a table.
by Tiko310 September 28, 2008

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a form of wreaking HAVOK in class or to destroy EVERYTHING IN CLASS. derived from DEATH, only too awesome to be called death. DEFF is often heard being screamed in a deep voice DEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF in class when it is in a defffffff con 1 status(lol).
(Theres 8 people fighting and 5 people screaming while throwing shit everywhere, the teacher has passed out)
by Tiko310 January 28, 2009

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