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The phenomenon of having to come out as bisexual to the same person/people repeatedly because they assumed or hoped that your sexuality was a "phase." Refers less to the holiday and more to the 1993 Bill Murray comedy film in which the main character experiences the same day over and over.
"My visit home turned into Bisexual Groundhog Day. My mom acted shocked when I told her I'm going to Pride next week, so I had to come out to her as bisexual AGAIN."
by Tiggy Upland April 15, 2014

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The denial of one's own bisexuality (in favor of speciously identifying as "homosexual" or as one of several synonyms for "bisexual," or eschewing a sexuality label entirely) in an attempt to avoid being the object of biphobia. Refers to actress Cynthia Nixon.
He issued a Nixon Denial in the same breath as he confirmed his romantic relationships with people of at least three genders. But if he wants to identify as "flexisexual," I suppose that's his prerogative.
by Tiggy Upland February 03, 2014

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