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A synonym for an erect penis.
Darling, can I poke you with my hormone stick?
by Tiffany's Toyboy July 30, 2009

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The action of urinating whilst receiving a rim job (having anus orally stimulated).
Give the man a pseudo-blumpkin
by Tiffany's Toyboy July 23, 2009

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Hangover Horn. The rampant, seemingly insatiable appetite for sex that is usually associated with the hangover after a night out drinking.
"I've got the H.O.H. bad. Quick! where's the hormone stick."
by Tiffany's Toyboy August 01, 2009

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The act of turkey slapping someone whilst they are seated on the toilet.
Hurry up Kenny. I need to use the loo. Don't make me come in there and give you a pseudo-turkey.
by Tiffany's Toyboy September 29, 2009

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