4 definitions by Tiffany Happy Days

To listen to a person, in a broken pattern.
As she whined on and on and on, I switched to roller coaster focus. In and out, up and down. Complete focus, was too draining.
by Tiffany Happy Days October 07, 2014
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The attempt to provide assistance or concern, without really meaning it or having the intention to follow through. By saying the acceptable or possibly "expected" comment, it removes the temporary guilt, that the speaker feels.
Well, I suppose it's the "attempted thought" that counts! (sarcasm)
by Tiffany Happy Days June 18, 2014
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The feeling a mom gets, as summer vacation approaches and her children are soon out of school.
I've got a major case of the, Summer Mom jitters! WHAT will I do, to entertain my kids, all summer?!
by Tiffany Happy Days June 27, 2014
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The feeling a person gets, after visiting the zoo. A form of regret.
I got a case of serious zoogret, after seeing the caged animals, at the zoo.
by Tiffany Happy Days June 18, 2014
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