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The best baseball team since 1991, in which they went from worst to first. They also have 14 straight pennants, in which they won the national league pennant 5 times, and a world series in 1995. and the best manager in the game Bobby Cox. One thing that makes them better than other teams is that they raise their players through their farm system unlike New York teams. Mets fans are
often jealous because the braves kick their asses every year, so they come into turner field chanting: "let's go mets!" That's possibly the gayest cheer in sports. If you want to know how much the mets suck, they just lost the NL east pennant even though they were 7 games in front with 17 to go at one point.
Dude, what's with all these fat mets fans in our stadium. This is Atlanta, not New York. Maybe they'll shut up after the Braves win...
by Thomas RR September 30, 2007

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