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Must!Play!Fast! recs (distro) is a d.i.y. owned label runned by anthony herrera from stockton cal Must!Play!Fast! recs (distro) owner rejects the thought of mainstream music and all it offers and only releases bands that have a good sound and that he belives deserve to be produced on vinyl Must!Play!Fast! recs (distro) owner anthony herrera has been known to belittle certain venues and labels that he strongly belives that are feeding off the true underground scene
some of the released meterial that has been released on Must!Play!Fast! recs (distro) sunnyvales 2 piece drum and base trio godstomper LAST okayama japans finest thrash core band CRUCIAL SECTION also from japan STRAINS OF THE APOCALYPSE from oakland california Must!Play!Fast! recs (distro) ANTHONY HERRERA quotes im doing this for the love of the bands and there music if i dont do it it will never be hered and if i dont do it soemone else will i dont see myself slowing down at all for awhile im going to keep on dropping wax bands deserve it
Must!Play!Fast! recs (distro)anthony herrera says fuck you and your mainstream counterculture
by Think Fast! zine June 26, 2009

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