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The act of urinating in a container of apple juice when dehydrated and placing it back in the refrigerator to be consumed by somebody else.
He was always drinking up my organic applejuice until the day he puked from my sleazy martinelli.
by Therapistcombover July 24, 2020

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(Noun)An unattractive or ugly troll who loves throating dicks.

(Verb) The act of giving a very toothy or gummy blowjob down to the base like a starving demon.
Hey bro, that wiener goblin gave me the sloppiest head the other night.

Me too brah!
by Therapistcombover October 27, 2020

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The act of improperly or imprecisely placing one's ass on the toilet resulting in small amount of fecal matter being visible on the underside of the seat when pulled up.
Hey bro, I'm gonna need you to clean the girls restroom ASAP! It looks like they got us with yet another crapper tag tonight.
by Therapistcombover July 16, 2020

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A married woman who masquerades an abortion as a miscarriage because she was cheating and there's a good chance It's not the husbands.
Did you hear that old Mrs. Carriager lost yet another pregnancy?
by Therapistcombover September 13, 2020

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The act of stealthily performing oral sex underneath the desk of your boss, coworker or president.
Now if you want this job sweetheart you'll get under my desk and show me a proper belowjob.
by Therapistcombover October 14, 2020

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The state of being being born into a disproportionately ugly: face, body, and/or personality therefore supplementing your runfortunate circumstance by letting hella dudes come in you.
Yeah bro the date started out boring, she kept on going on and on about "in cum any quality", but once I banged her out in the KFC parking lot she kinda just mumbled and passed out drooling.
by Therapistcombover November 05, 2020

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A full grown and physically mature adult (18+) who is still a either still a virgin, a premature ejaculator or just plain sexually inexperienced.
GIRL, I threw myself at that horny toddler from the Popeyes Drive thru, we fucked for like 1.5 pumps and then he wanted to be held and shit.
by Therapistcombover November 02, 2020

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