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Typically someone born after 1990. A person that can name every American Idol winner, but doesn't know who the Vice President of the United States is. Someone who is overly obsessed with reality shows. This person also has an affinity for bands like Nickleback, Three Days Grace, or Good Charlotte. A person who thinks that people actually give a fuck about their tweets. Someone who "likes" everyones feeds on Facebook. Rather than playing the field, male douche bags usually have to have a girlfriend to feel complete. Male douche bags typically have to be nice to a girl in order to fuck her because they aren't capable of sealing the deal otherwise. Someone who gets their ass whooped in a fair fight and tries to sue. Michael Moore. People who get offended over stupid shit. People who don't speak their mind because they are afraid that someone else will get offended. Attorneys.
Person 1: So what are you gonna do tonight?

Douche Bag: I'm probably going to stay at home. Jersey Shore is coming on tonight.

Person 1: Wow...you're such a Douche Bag.
by TheRealF'inDeal May 21, 2011

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