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A game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. Origonally only found in Japan, news spread of the Fire Emblem series from SSBM (Super Smash Bros. Melee), where Prince Roy and Prince Marth, two young swordsmen, made their first appearance. The Fire Emblem series' are medival/fantasy rpg games, although strategy as well, with similar game play as Tactics Ogre.
The first to be released in America is Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken/Fuuin no Tsurugi (Titles are currently confused with previous game in time line.) where Roy's father, Eliwood and a young girl name Lin are the protagonists. Said to be released in the fourth quarter of 2003, or November 3rd-6th.
(Sooo near to my B-Day! Is that not, like, some kind of omen?)
"OMFG! Roy is so cute! I can't wait for Fire Emblem!" "Fox, the Fire Emblem comming out doesn't have him." "Shaddap, j00!"
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Zoids are battle suits, half mechanic and half animal. It takes the form of a giant robot (surprise, surprise) and battle, using lasers, ammunition, and just plain biting and scratching. People pilots can control their zoid using the Command System, but that doesn't necissarily mean the zoid would prefer to. Some rare zoids have a "Black Box" or, in reference to the Anime series Zoids Guardian Force or Zoids Chaos Century, an Organoid. Organoids are used to boost power.
Zoids are currently common in four animes: (In time order) Zoids Chaotic Century, Zoids Guardian Force, Zoids Century Zero, then Zoids Fuziors. They appear as games, and a short manga.
"This Zoid is a Red Blade Liger."
"The organoid is merging with the Zoid!"
"His piloting ability of his zoid is... amazing!"
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A Cabbit is found in the Anime, Tenchi. The main Cabbit is Ryo-oki, a brown half cat/half rabbit. It looks like a rabbit, but speaks and thinks like a smart cat. It can transform into a space ship at the will of Ryoko, her owner. ^-^; In the manga and in few episodes of the OAV, Ryo-ohki can take a human form, of either a teenage girl or a little girl.
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Vega Obscura, a young (around twelve years) antagonist in the Zoids Century Zero anime television series. He was known as "The King" for his uber zoids skills in the arcade, and once Backdraft (Uber stupid antagonist organization) hires him, he recieves the Beserk Fury (Beserk Furrhur), a Zero-type zoid. He is hired to annihilate Bit Cloud, a pilot of another Zero-type zoid, a Liger Zero, from the Blitz Team.
Vega is actually very sweet and innocent. He has a kind heart that just wants to have fun.
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