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A bullshit locality that is really part of Rockville but wants to be a part of the more desirable Bethesda area. Home to many high rise condos, strip malls, random Sunday afternoon traffic-jams, and the White Flint Mall.
Guy 1: so I went to the Flagship car wash in north Bethesda today,

guy 2: bullshit that's Rockville young, it's walking distance to Twinbrook Parkway, and every one knows that Twinbrook is Rockville
by thebronski February 22, 2009

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The act of chillin in a slightly lunchin, or seedy manor. Particularly in PG county, Maryland, or other areas in the DMV
My Friend is always up to no good but gets away with it. He's PG chillin so hard.

A close cousin of DC chillin
by thebronski November 19, 2009

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The act of chillin to the Nth degree. Particularly in DC or the surrounding region.
If you want to observe people DC chillin, go to Dupont Circle, late afternoon, warm August day; hoes be DC chillin.

A close cousin of PG Chillin
by thebronski November 19, 2009

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