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Faribault High School holds the record for minority to white ratio. You cant step one foot down the hallway without observing a fight or a drug deal.

The hillbillies in the back lot enjoy the day by drivng the backroads, fiinding dead animals and throwing them into a pot of chicken broth and cat semen. They then feed it to thier imbred children who live in the cab of there lifted trucks.

Then there are always those wangsters who think if they wear shorts down to there fucking knees that they will get a free bag of weed the next time they meet a mexican in a dark ally.

Bot of course there are good sides to this school as well. The only thing bigger then the minority to white ratio is the slut to people ratio. So if u plan on attending FHS just wear a shit load of cologne and some knee high boots and you will fit right in.

Also our sport teams are good. Our volleyball team wants to face the champs of the "1A" division, Bethlehem Academy, But they are fucking panzies. Cause they know they will get there shit tossed.
"So i hear you go to Faribault High School?"

"Fuck off"
by The Truth Hurtss October 24, 2009

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