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Grumit (GRum-miT) IPA:gʊr-ʌm-ɪt- Noun:
A secondary humanoid being that dresses themselves in a lot of black or dark colored (Particularly in "Tripp Pants" or other meticulous clothing that that purposely bears noise making items such as chains.)Personality wise a grumit may be initially unapproachable due their awkward nature which include , banging of tables, the exchange of non humorous jokes or fabricated stories, incoherent shouting or screaming for no particularly clear reason, mating amongst their own members and secluding themselves amongst their own tribes entertaining themselves by the collective reading of American drawn Japanese style comics often referred to as "Anime" and the play of child card games. In the Grumit sub culture reputation is judge amongst the length of hair along with color of hair, it is unknown if length nor color determines a Grumit's sexual appeal (Trichophilia) it is also abundantly clear in the foul Oder that each Tribe member bears, Acne Vulgaris is another common hygiene issue amongst the Grumit population.
Some things a Grumit might say

"Your Magic is no match for my razor blade of Hirkumsha!!!"

Grumits often declare their mystical capabilities as they play child card games such as "Yu-Gi-Oh" (Correct pronunciation is unclear however, thought to be similar to "Yu-GaHEY- Ho" IPA: yə gɛ hoʊ).

"I spend about ten minutes at night sharpening my throwing stars..."*

*Some Grumits speaking in a foreign, unknown vernacular which can easily be misunderstood as a form of a blatant lie (See article "Bullshit")Depending on what type of Grumit you encounter several of the tribe's "Dominant" figure head might claim their precarious nature such as being an expert in knives and magical combat however it is most likely that these are terror tactics used by the figure head to keep their followers aligned with their beliefs, often used towards outsiders as a threat of mystical, physical,spiritual and anal violence.

*"I'll put a quarter in your ass!"

*it is unknown until now that Grumits have no practical use of currency other than sexual, anal pleasures however, no such theory could be made.
by The Social Scientist (SS) April 02, 2011
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