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Okay Brighton, The greatest fucking place on Earth!

Okay, the people that have given definitions before myself, aren't from brighton so how would they know what it's about.

Inner city brighton: Inner-City Brighton is the busiest part of Brighton, where there are many shops, clubs, pubs, gay bars whatever. And unlike most people think it is still full of chaved up lager louts, with occasional footie riots near the withdean. And fights everywhere. Homophobic violence, murders, and a huge amount of rapes can be found in the local paper, The Argus.

Kemp Town/St. James' Street: These are the major spots for the city's gay culture. You'll find that many gay people in Brighton very often live in or around Kemp Town. Whether it's 9 in the morning or 11 at night, these parts of Brighton are no strangers to transexuals, young and old, innappropriate displays of homosexual affection in the street. And utter campness. You could walk down St. James' Street in the middle of the day and find a man wearing pink spandex singing "Lik A Virgin" whilst dancing up the street.

The Estates: This is the outer Brighton, the rough part. Another reason why the city in knicknamed 'London-on-Sea'. Whitehawk, Moulscoombe, Bevendean, Hollingbury, etc. are the places where you would find fights, drug-dealing, underage everything, and everything else you can think of. Police calls are made to go to teh outer estates of Brighton more than any other place in the region, and the police often hesetate to deal with a problem that is taking place. In these outer estates, just think the chavs and yobs you see in any other major city in Britain, but more open about sexuality, and more racist I would say, because there isn't many ethnic minorities in the outer Brighton, you would find that alot of people wouldn't take too kindly to people of another race or culture, that's what the Inner-City is for.
Inner-City Brighton: "Let's go for a night out! And get wrecked, and cause a fight with a gay bloke" Ironically the gay bloke wins and the yob gets sent back to whatever shit-hole he crawled from.

Kemp Town/St. James' Street: "OH YES, I'M GAY AND I'M PROUD, WOOHOO! I'm walking around in just pants in minus 3 degree weather but it doesn't matter cause I'm gay!" then goes and takes too many pills and rapes a 62-year old transsexual.

The Estates: "Let's go to the pier Trace" says Bruno, the gay one, "No that's really gay down there." says Trace. "Oh yeah I suppose it is, but not in a homosexual way, but in a sort of I dunno, gay way." So instead they get pissed and beat up a black kid.
by The Reezy April 01, 2006

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