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Oh, what a sweetheart. Nik is the amazing bassist of the amazing band The Strokes, coming from the big apple. Nikolai's quiet with a nice smile and a simple sense of humor. He doesn't seem to be quite so twisted as the rest of the Strokes. Don't get me wrong, I love the Strokes. But admit it - they are twisted. Yea, it's funny, but they're twisted :D. Anyway, you don't think of Nik as being funny, but if you watch the Strokes home vids on their website, or if you've seen In Transit, he's hilarious. I love Nikolai Fraiture!
Nikolai pretended to beat up Albert in the airport, actually stole his money (or something), and actually ran away. (That's from In Transit.)
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Nick Valensi is, to sound a bit preppy, gorgeous. As are the rest of The Strokes, of course. He plays amazin' guitar, and I should know because my whole family plays some sort of musical instrument (mostly guitar and piano, and I play piano and saxophone although I lost my love for the horn because of my band teacher with horns, and I have a beautiful guitar that I never get a chance to learn on). If Nick Valensi would give me guitar lessons, I'd be the happiest person alive. If Nick Valensi SMILED at me, I'd be the happiest person alive!! ... gettin' dizzy just thinking about it... I'm going to go define the rest of the Awesome Amazing Strokes, now... still dizzy... I still need to learn how to play guitar, Nick...
Nick Valensi plays the guitar like nobody else plays it. I used to know the name of his guitar. I forgot it. Begins with an E, I believe. Not the NAME, the brand of guitar SHUT UP I KNOW I NEED HELP.
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