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a breakfast dish that you order if you are gay (as coined on The Sopranos)
Mother: "I just saw Stuart over at Egg Harbor...he was by himself and eating a tall stack of johnny cakes...what's up with that?"

Rob: "<Giggle> I don't know, but thank you for letting me know! <Tongue-wag>"
by The Keefer's 7 May 09, 2006
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rehab for drugs/alcohol/pills
Boss: "You've really turned it up a notch in the last six months. At this rate, you could be a managing director in 10 years. What happened?"

Stu: "Honestly, ever since I went to computer camp for 10 days last October, everything in my life has been so much better."

Boss: "Computer camp, eh? I didn't realize that we had that sort of training in our budget. I'll have to let HR know that it's money well spent."

Stu: "Uh, yeah."
by The Keefer's 7 May 08, 2006
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when eating, the person next to you who keeps stealing your french fries can be referred to as a "fry vacuum"
Mike: "Matt, did you finish your food already?"

Matt: "Yes, thanks to the fry vacuum sitting next to me"
by The Keefer's 7 June 29, 2006
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fart (can be used as a verb or a noun)
Guy #1: Aw man, I was on the subway this morning and someone bunted...ruined my day.

Guy #2: Yeah, my girlfriend laid down a bunt in bed the other night when she was asleep and it was so bad I had to get up and go downstairs to watch TV.
by The Keefer's 7 May 23, 2006
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