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1) A name given to a gypsy or similar. Taken from the work "turnpike", now used to mean a person who has traits such as numerous lurchers, knives, caravans and Transit vans. Pikeys will rob anything, repeat ANYTHING, that is not chained to the floor or otherwise cannot be moved. A pikey is often spotted flogging shoddy merchandise in pubs and/or market stalls.

Warnings: Do not walk past pikeys carrying weed, many can smell it from 50 miles away and you will get knifed. Do not allow pikeys to operate fairground rides and/or arcade games. Do not employ a pikey for labour, having a patio built by a pikey will result in a few broken bits of brick and find they've nicked your cash and garden furniture and legged it. A pikey WILL rob you for your shoes.

2)See chav
"I fuckin' hate pikeys..."
by The Jaded Pear April 16, 2006
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