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In simple terms, the rising mean surface temperature of Earth. There is a scientific consensus that {yes} global warming is occurring. In fact the mean surface temp. has risen a staggering 0.5 C in the past 180 years.

This is what we know as fact, however there are numerous different ideologies associated with what is making global warming. {Side note: the earth has been warming and cooling since its creation, this global warming/cooling is no new climate terminology to the planet}

First Theory: GHG(Green House Gasses) are creating trapped heat through infra-red radiation.{Further explanation is needed to fully understand GHG Warming please go look it up} Also that from these GHG's, CO2(Carbon Dioxide) is the only one that makes a considerable difference{even over water vapor which makes up 1-4% of the atmosphere while CO2 is in the 300PPM quantity}.

Second Theory: Solar sun spots are creating an increase in solar activity and solar radiation{UV}. The sun has been putting out more sun spots thus creating more solar radiation making the earth warming.

These are the two most popular theories today, although 85% of people are blindly accepting the first one. Please don't take other peoples view on global warming, visit websites(Both for human and non-human causes) and decide for yourself, learn the science behind it before committing to a side.

Some interesting facts, due to everyone looking up to Al Gore{Who recently is under review to get his Oscar taken away due to some false information in his documentary}. The graphs shown in "An Inconvenient Truth" between a correlation of CO2 and Temp over thousands of years when both are matched up linearly temperature leads CO2 hundreds of years ahead.
contrary to Popular believe the Global Warming debate is not over.

"Be more worried about the intellectual climate"
by The Intellectual Climate January 13, 2008
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