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Prestigious public school full of students who think they are hot shit because they got into the best school in Virginia. Meanwhile, they are laughed at by students at private universities that listed UVa as their safety school. Sources of pride include wealth, intelligence, and looks, all of which are notable only because they are far superior to every other school in Virginia, while being quite inferior to everyone that really matters (students good enough to attend private Ivy League caliber schools). UVa students think they will be all other students' bosses when they graduate, not realizing they will in fact have to lick the ass of their employer who graduated from a real prestigious school (private school). UVa students come off as overly arrogant because they have to make up for their shame at being inferior to private school students, after being rejected. To have any sort of self esteem they must flaunt their superiority to dumbshit VTech students whose school is considered a community college by private schoolers. UVa students also think they are superior for their preppy designer fashion. Meanwhile, private schoolers use the same clothing to wipe their ass, when not using 100 dollar bills, or state school students' hands.

UVa students also use sports to justify their arrogance, which is the only thing UVa holds over private schools. However, this is no basis for ego, as unless you are actually part of the sport team, your college teams' talent level has nothing to do with you at all. This should actually be a source of shame as the majority of talented athletes are legally retarded, and completely worthless outside of their sport. Unless you are talented enough to be a professional athlete, once your four years of college are over, you will be just another state school graduate cleaning the t'aint of a private school graduate as a career. Using sports as a justification for pride is something typically done by dumbshit state school students who couldn't even get into schools like UVa, and thus have no talent or worth whatsoever. I would have personally thought UVa students were above that. Perhaps the despair and shame resulting from rejection from private schools affected them more deeply than I expected.

In summation, UVa is a group of state schoolers who wish they were private schoolers, but regardless, still only go to a state school.
Douche bag #1 at the University of Virginia who thinks he is the greatest thing since the ultra-thin latex condom: "Dude, I go to UVa, all the other college students in this state hate me because I'm so much richer, smarter, and better-looking than them."

Douche bag #2 at private school who IS the greatest thing since the ultra-thin latex condom: "UVa was my safety school. The admissions officers basically sucked MY dick just to get me to apply. Too bad for them, I am far too talented to waste myself at a state school."

#1:"Man, I wish I could've gone to a private school. I applied and got rejected. And besides, I'm too poor to afford the tuition anyways."

#2:"My parents give me your tuition for spending money every week. Oh, and I might've accidentally fucked your girlfriend. Sorry dude."

#1:"Oh, it's alright man, you're so hot that I'm straight and I want you to fuck me. Hey, check out my new Lacoste polo!"

#2:"Yeah nice. I have that in every color. I have matching Rolexes for each one."

#1:"Dude, you think you're so awesome. Whatever, I'm going to be everyone's boss when I graduate."

#2:"Actually no, sorry. You will be my bitch/secretary/ass wiper."

#1:"Yeah, I know. All my self worth is based on the fact that I am better than the nobodies who attend every other school in this state. In reality, I wish I was you."

#2:"I know, everyone wants to be me. How can you blame them? Now go study so you can get good grades and maybe get into a private school for graduate education, although probably not, because all the spots will be taken by private schoolers. My ass has to be wiped by someone with a Ph.D., so study hard, and maybe I'll employ you."

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