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Go to church *Every* Sunday often no exceptions apply there views on certain controversial/social issues very from each person for example homosexuality some say it’s a life style some say it’s an abomination. The Bible or Biblios in Greek is the original source of mainstream Christianity it consists of countless short stories called scriptures many of which contradict each other.
Christianity can also be a radical religion like other religions. However Many radical Christians are unaware of this and consider there behavior as normal.
by The sonnyer September 10, 2018
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That one teacher you have typically during middle school or high school who is a complete D bag
He what class do you have next?


What teacher ?

An ass of a teacher I don't know his name.
by The sonnyer May 12, 2018
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When your pressured into spending real money on ingame currency,special abilities or lootboxes
Dude I just spent money on battlefront 2

Dude you just EA'd

I hate getting EA'd
by The sonnyer June 21, 2018
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The act of getting served rekt or dabbed on. typically while the person is performing poorly in a one on one stand off.
Lol that guy sucks at boxing

Yeah he got sonnied
by The sonnyer February 28, 2018
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It's the Alabama of the north west so to speak.
Hey have you ever been to Washington?

D.C. ?

No you idiot Washington state

Oh yeah it's more of a red state than thought to be.
by The sonnyer June 03, 2018
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Emo millennial 20 is a genre or sub genre of music that arose after the pop punk era came to a bitter end in early 2006. Some musical groups in this genre include Hawthorne heights Cartel *yellow card to some extent* The red jumpsuit apparatus all time low and fallout boy
interesting facts. Many people believe that it was the breakup of Blink 182 in February 2005 that caused the Emo millennial 20 to rise. As well as Cartels album release chroma in late 2005 caused the growth of this genres. Hawthorne heights released there album If only you were lonely which took the genre to a darker place. This genre lasted longer then most modern genres from fall autumn of 2005 to 2013.
by The sonnyer November 24, 2019
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