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Masouma is a very beautiful and intelligent woman with a body sculpted in perfection. Even if she doesn't quite realize her beauty she's truly a God.

She prefers to do things by herself until she realises that not everything is done by only one person. She can be loving and caring. But becomes mean when her point is not proven or when people don't have the same opinion as her. She is shy but confident at the same time. She can have a hard time opening up and trust new people. But in the end she's going to trust you with her deepest darkest secrets, if you're lucky! ;)
Oh My God! She has a body like Masouma! So curvy!

Just look at Masouma's butt! It's so full and plump!

Masouma is so nice!

I can't believe I met a Masouma today!
by The shy girl July 10, 2017
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