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Its is India and its cultural heritage that has survived centuries of invasions, abuse and oppression by invaders who molested the rich and beautiful land and still criticize it for not submitting to them by shaming it for being a poor country third world country even if it has contributed so much for society.

This cultural ridiculing and racism and and make Indian people feel bad about being Indian and mock us. We all know what happened to the native Americans for having a different culture they were shamed and forced to do thing like cut their hair to fit norms of the "civilized ".And still there is no native American president and the people dont have a very loud voice of representation even in the modern times and the woke highly developed countries cant provide it for them.
This systemic shaming and erasing of culture, making Indians loathe themselves and anti nationalism is going to be either the end for this ancient culture. A reminder that their so called uneducated, poor, uncivilized ,ancestors have been tortured a lot but have never once been down to the will of outside nations even with such limited resources.

But the question remains will the educated , privileged, intelligent, civilized, brilliant youth will be the fall of Indian culture. And will the those who are disgusted, selflothing and ashamed of this culture their ancestors fought hard to preserve and disappoint their souls.
Indian dude: I hate our festival diwali.

Foreigner: why isn't it like a good thing , festival of lights good over evil and all.

Indian dude: No , I read in Economic Times that it is a festival of fats and oils. It causes pollution because of fire crackers and noise pollution.

Foreigner: But dont you eat vegan food during the festival and continue to eat it throughout the week. Only the sweets are oily and sugary and people only eat it during the festival like cakes on Christmas and mutton biriyaani during Ramadan.

Foreigner: also dont you burst crackers on new years , wedding , Christmas, Ramadan, Eid, etc
Where do you read this stuff anyway?

Indian guy : television, advertisement, twitter,magazine, bollywood,news etc
Foreigner: And you take it like that?

Indian guy: ya cuz Indian culture sucksssss man.
by The pillar November 17, 2020

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