2 definitions by The mouth of truth.

1. The coolest kid you know. You gotta love him.
2. The dumbass that's kinda fun to hang with but way more fun to beat up.
3. The ex-boyfriend you regret having.
4. That horny basturd that owes you money.
5. The guy that thinks he can skate.
6. A reason to say the sentence: "Wow, I really think I hate that kid."
7. The kid that eats all your food and sometimes spidercake.
Dude did you see that weaver kid? He's such a dumb ass!

OMG I totaly regret dating the horny basturd.
by The mouth of truth. March 25, 2008
The thing that Jake, Johnny, And Danny found up in a tree when Jake took off Ashley's shirt. They are saggy and streched marked. Don't be confused... any girl could have them.
Damn dude! I regret that! Ashley had total grandma boobs!
by The mouth of truth. March 25, 2008