1 definition by The leister

The super nut is the nut built up for an extended period of time-30 days to be precise. It can be done in other times of the year but it mostly occurs during November. This is in part by the event and challenge/game known as “no nut November” (nnn). This nut usually has an initial velocity of 20m/s and has mass kf usually .4g. It’s cover surface area can be up to 40cm squares. This nut has the power to impregnate females without hesitation. Be careful where you shoot this powerful splooge.
Jim: now that nnn is over I can finally nut dude
Paul: be careful man, you have unlocked “the super nut” it’s massive and very fertile

Jim: Ik I’m so hype! It’s ganna be huge!
by The leister November 30, 2020
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