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A sexual act, performed annually on the eve of Passover, using an "exchange rate" of 5 U.S. (men) to 2 Canadian (women). During the festivities, one man is designated as "Cal Ripken", a.k.a. "The Iron Horse", and must be involved for the entirety of the event, even if he is "hit by a pitch" (semen). It is also customary that one of the women disparages the size of one of the male participants, an unfortunate but completely avoidable situation with the appropriate amount of pre-game fluffing.

It should also be noted that anal access must be formally requested first (preferably in writing). Failure to do so will result in a 5-minute major, during which time the offending male will be chastised for his actions, but he may continue fluffing himself in an effort to stay in the game.

The Toronto is considered over when the two female participants pass out or a fake phone call is placed from the hotel front desk asking people to leave.
Me and four hosers got into the Toronto last night, and now it burns when I pee.
by The iron horse May 31, 2016

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