2 definitions by The guy who bones Tony's mom

A vast army of gender confused white privileged LARPers, living in their mother's basement while attending college from the ages of 16 to 32 under the illusion that they are the frontline fighting off fascist Nazis in a world where Communism is good.

Traits of Cockgobbler LARPers include:
- Potbellied
- Hunchbacked
- Man Buns
- Skinny Jeans
- Hipster beards
- Black hoods and masks
- Gender confusion
- Gender fluid is their beverage of choice
- Vegan
- Avid fortnight and D&D player
- Generally privileged of white ethnicities
- Drive a Prius or Volkswagen
- effeminate (If male....including gynecomastia, low T and are cucks)
- Feminists Domineering types (If female)
- The wearing of pussy hats
- Practice of witchcraft
- Frequent temper tantrums and stomping
- General misunderstanding of the words socialism, fascist and Nazi
- Believe Hitler actually wasn't a Socialist
- Insist on using MSNBC, CNN, Snopes and Politifact for all sources of information
- Hold open hostilities towards anyone NON COMMUNIST
- Insist Socialism has never been done right
- Regularly physically assault elderly, small women, weak and occasionally gay males.

- Major proponents of infanticide
- Hatred for the United States and all that is good
- Also go under the alias of Antifa, snowflake commie bastards and Democrat
Going downtown to blow a load into a few of those cockgobblers down there protesting the American Flag. I'll be back when I'm done getting my cock gobbled.
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Someone with an abnormally large head oblong in shape with a faded hair cut with either a But cut (Parted down the center) or spikey hair.
Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson. Used in a sentence "Hey Copernicus, why don't you take your Pineapple Head and your parachute pants and navigate to the back of the line, standing there in your bowling shirt and your plantar fasciitis"
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