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Torterra is something you shall fear you all. This is a better pokémon than charizard and i dont care what you say

Every one that uses torterra is sexy
Cynthia: haha fear me foolish mortal

*sees Torterra *

Cynthia: What are your orders king/queen
by The good güey March 6, 2022
This is at first seems like a crazy young boi but when you Meet him you see his true nice and noble side, he fallas in love randomly and is one of the best boyfriends you could possibly get, if he crushes you i def recomend it.

He also might be italian
Yoo is that maurizio? OMG he is with Emilie, she is soo lucky
by The good güey March 6, 2022
Aparently everyone in my grade like sophie (the guys with glases where madly into her) she is nice with everyone she consider does the right thing but se wont Bother to annoy people in her life. She loves books especial y Harry potter and her favourite sport is handball (i think)
Brooo, Sebastián is wearing glases now, that menas he now madly likes sophie
by The good güey March 6, 2022