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A first world pompous preppy male or female. who follows the crowd, Speaks in text talk, is obsessed with Gucci and consumerism and has no real life experience other than spending daddy's money while being completely oblivious to any real world problem. All in All one of the main things wrong with the world today and a major reason that injustice, capitalism, racism starvation and war still exist in the modern world
Quotes include : (sounding shocked and disgusted) "OMG I like totally had to pay this company called eon for my electricity"

(confused) " Israel and Palestine" is that like a new brand it wont be as good as Gucci

(angry) " OMG I know who Tony Blair is he's the president duh"

(serious) " don't they speak Portuguese in Spain" ?

(Serious) " Omg Apple and Microsoft Don't care about money, they give all their money to starving orphans

(serious) " if Africa's like starving why don't they just move instead of asking for money all the time ffs"

moron first world preppy
by The church of the seven May 25, 2013

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The state of being like a pizza.
how was your pizza. meh it was Pizza'y
by The church of the seven June 23, 2020

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Scottish Gynecologist
Danny Goat a new joab as a fanny swatcher.
by The church of the seven February 24, 2015

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