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A deadly roblox insult known as a now dead meme around the normie world.

also, it comes in different flavors
|robloxian 1| hey dood

|robloxian 2| yeah?

|robloxian 1| ur mom gae lol

|robloxian 2| Go commit toaster bath you big gae

|robloxian 1 | *dies of deathpacito*

|robloxian 3| lol noob

|robloxian 4| he was my brother! now go commit deathpacito you big gae!

|robloxian 3| oh no *dies of ligma*
by The big Gæ boi December 15, 2018

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When something is delicious so, so, so, delicious That it's actually not delicious and it's now delectable
big sis- here
lil sis- what's this?
big sis- a frapuccino
lil sis- *takes a sip
Lil sis-...
big sis-...
lil sis- Delectable.
by The big Gæ boi February 05, 2019

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