3 definitions by The baddie queen

Jennifer the Thicc snicker doodle is one of a kind personality. She’s funny and athletic but most of all she’s a great biker. She knows all your ways and will make you a queen. All the boys are attached to her and ask her out. Most importantly she is responsible and knows how to dive in to your heart . She’s a great swimmer and will make sure she has nails. Come get her now because she is seeking for love.
Boy “ who is that girl diving in the pool
Girl “ she’s Jennifer you should hangout with her sometime she’s very funny~
by The baddie queen July 19, 2021
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Xiomara, the queen. She’s not afraid to strike in chess. She will defeat you, she’s amazing at volleyball. She makes nice bracelets! She also likes steak, she loves her friends and or family. She strikes and attacks and stalks. She attracts the boys and sometimes the boys attract her. Don’t wait for her to tell you how she feels tell her. She likes long walks on the beach!!
“Wow who’s that shy girl over there, I think I’m gonna talk to her.”
“Oh she’s xiomara the queen who doesn’t talk but when you get to know her she’s funny, make your move
by The baddie queen July 19, 2021
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Ysali, a queen! She makes life amazing. She’s got a sweet heart and or soul. She’s very athletic and loves steak. Prdt. She makes nice bracelets and likes to give her heart and soul and tears to it. Very responsible and respectful, one of a kind really. If you find an ysali make her your friend fast because everyone will want to be her friend. She attracts people! So unique.
“Wow look at that girl playing volleyball, who is she? She’s amazing” “oh she’s ysali” “dangggggg”
by The baddie queen July 19, 2021
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