4 definitions by The Wish Granter

Stenzed is a defining moment in life when you feel as if heaven could really possibly feel like its on Earth. This intense rush will be spectacular from the start till finish. Its softly till the eruption of orgasmic spills into the deepest part of you. Now more commonly used to describe events outside of two resulting in a less intense rush.
I was fucking stenzed last night.
Golly, I sure was stenzed by that.
I was thoroughly stenzed when I felt the intense rush.
by The Wish Granter October 25, 2009
Stenzing is the act of being in a Stenzed situation.
I was stenzing last night so hard, it was fucking stenzed.
by The Wish Granter October 25, 2009
The most awesome kick ass way to express a feeling, thought, action or event. Is the best thing to have come to the planet, maybe even universe.
This sex is Stenzly- the sex is like heaven on earth
You've just been Stenzed- you've been fucked by the best my friend
This is a Stenzing good time- having the best time ever
Stenz can also replace tight in the joke "What do you call a German virgin" A " Guddintight" rewritten is "GuddinStenz"
by The Wish Granter October 25, 2009