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Yahudi (yəhōdē) (Ihudae, Jahudae) (spelling uncertain) cf. INRI

The tribe of Judah
The Jewish People
of or pertaining to Jews

The given name of a common household sprite.
A miserly pinch-penny sprite, the keeper of the lamp.
Yahudi now lives in the refrigerator.
His purpose is to save electricity and wear and tear on the appliance bulb.
When you open the refrigerator door he reluctantly turns on the light.
When you close the refrigerator door he quickly turns it off again.
If you open the door very, very, slowly, you just might catch him asleep.

In olden times Yahudi blew out the candles. (a draught)
Beeswax candles were always expensive.

Yahudi is sometimes blamed for other inexplicable occurrences about the house.

Submitted in fond memory of my Polish uncles.
The old refrigerator still runs but Yahudi is out.
It might not be the bulb. It might be Yahudi.
by The Twentieth Man March 08, 2012

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An explosive device. A booby trap. A package bomb. A hand-tossed grenade.
Long before George Harrison, Sean Penn and Madonna and the movie they made by that name, a Shanghai Surprise was a home made bomb used by the Chinese tongs or gangs. The expression probably dates from the late 19th or early 20th century. While I cannot cite chapter and verse of it's origin, I'm older than Madonna and understood the expression at the time the movie was made. Not everything is about sex, kids. That's why I unsubscribed from the UD.
by The Twentieth Man April 10, 2011

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Riffing is not only a musical term rooted in Jazz but also a comedic term.

In common usage the term Jazz has not only several denotations but it also has several connotations: Jazz sometimes denotes an elaboration of something: To take something and elementally mix it up in such a way as to improve upon it.

"I bought an old car and jazzed it up."
"If you want to sell it, you'll need to jazz it up."
Jazz also has negative connotations:
"I slipped climbing into the truck and jazzed up my knee."
"The divorce jazzed up my whole life."

Say you had a Jazz quartet; a bass fiddle, a drummer, a sax, and a guitar. They can take a very old and very familiar tune and jazz it as a group to the point of being practically unrecognizable. Or, they do solo riffs on the melody. This is not a true solo, as, in turns, the musicians increase the volume of what they are playing while the others fade in volume and maintain the basic melody and beat. To riff then, is to touch upon a thing (in this case a melody) and depart from it to the point where it is unrecognizable by itself. Riffing is to touch lightly upon a thing only to depart from it.

Late-night talk show hosts and stand-up comics do topical or celebrity riffs. They may touch lightly upon an issue but quickly depart from it just for comic effect. They do not address or critique the issue or personality in question directly in a sober, mature or scholarly manner; instead they use it as a springboard to say something silly or irrelevant.

I got an email the other day containing an obviously doctored image of President Obama depicted as a Communist Witch Doctor. While the image visually riffs on his being of African heritage and a liberal politician, it does nothing to directly address his national health care policy proposals.
"I can riff on this all day but that doesn't solve the basic problem."
by The Twentieth Man August 05, 2009

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