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1) Northeastern U.S. slang for Valium (AKA diazepam) tablets and/or Vicodin tablets. Can be heard in various songs, including the Fun Lovin' Criminals song, "Scooby Snacks."
2) Occasionally used to refer to Quaaludes.
3) A hash brownie
1) "Running around robbing banks, all wacked off of Scooby Snacks!" - "Scooby Snacks" by the Fun Lovin' Criminals.
2.) That's okay! Another Scooby Snack, and she'll love me again!
3.) Dude, these are some tasty Scooby Snacks
by The Truthish September 28, 2006

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Shit in a can. The band members do marijuana, which kills brain cells and can lead to overdoses. The band worships Satan, and can often be seen biting the heads off innocent animals, throwing blood into the crowd, and exposing themselves to the audience. A fan told me that during their shows naked women run on stage covered in blood and masturbate. The whole thing is fuckin sick. Panic!!! At The Disco should be shot for the things they do.
Panic! At The Disco should burn in hell for being Satanic, screaming fags!!!
by The Truthish September 24, 2006

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A "jam band" that have tripped so much, smoked so much, and gotten wasted so much that they can never remember how their songs go. So they make it up as they go along! C'mon, people! They're not REALLY jamming, they just can't remember how the song went! That's why ever time they play it it's different.
Unwashed Phanatic In Birkies: Oh mannn! I love this Phish song!
Some Dude with Hemorrhoids that Knows The Truth:
How can you tell what song it is? It's different everytime!
by The Truthish October 20, 2005

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