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the appearance of the testicles after anal sex when any 'bum gravy' (a bit like fanny batter but brown in colour and from the anus) residue has been allowed to dry, thus making it look like you have just dipped your sweaty bollocks in the Bisto.
Eee and Col were having a threesome again and lucky Col got the chance to 'smash her backdoors in'. After some frantic thrusting he eventually finished and withdrew only to find his privates covered in bum gravy. Too tired to wipe his knob he fell asleep and allowed the bum gravy to dry. When he and Eee eventually woke up Eee remarked 'love the look of the Bisto bollocks mate'.
by the testicle team March 21, 2012

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A small piece of card (maybe from a cereal box) or other similar slim item (i phone?) placed between the testicles of two lucky men giving an even luckier woman some double trouble. The board is for the less adventurous or shy man who doesn't want his balls slapping against his mates and prevents 'skin to skin' or 'bollock to bollock' contact. Could even prevent premature ejaculation for the more adventurous who enjoy said skin contact.
Rodney always dreamed of a threesome with the neighbors, but as a shy man worried about his balls making contact with Colins. Simply drawing round his testicles on an old Weetabix box and cutting out the shape gave him the perfect made to measure Bollock Board.
by The Testicle Team October 31, 2011

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a small sample of dried semen within the urethra, just below the japs eye causing temporary multi-directional urination
Eee had just pulled one off over Susan Boyle again but at his age his 'come muscles' were not what they used to be and his jizz just dribbled out. An hour later and busting for a post come piss, he went to the bathroom but a 'plunk' meant he manged to not only pee in the bowl but up the curtains and on the floor simultaneously.
by the testicle team November 27, 2013

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