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A man or woman who likes to 'taste' members of the same or opposite sex, particularly while they are sleeping.
Breathing heavily, the taster whispered, "I want to taste you," into her ear, and then proceded to...
by The Terrible Taster September 12, 2009

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'zunicorn' or 'zoonicorn' as it is sometimes spelled, is when an animal deficates on a zoo keeper engaged in the act of bestiality and pieces of corn stick to the zoo keeper's member.
I got some zunicorn stuck in my shoe.
by The Terrible Taster October 28, 2009

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when a bearded guy fingers a girl in the ass, doesn't wash his hands, and introduces himself to another girl later in the day, shaking her hand while feeling up her wrist with his defiled trigger finger.
That army guy just gave me a dirty trigger, i want to jump his bones now.
by The Terrible Taster September 11, 2009

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