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Jeepster is a term utilized to refer an individual (primarily an adolescent or young adult male) of average or insignificant stature, who pursues the object of their affections with almost unwavering tenacity. Modern usage of the term can be delineated back to the 1970's, where the concept was explored and popularized by the T. Rex classic with the same title. Marc Bolan expresses the predicament of pursuing a person above one's social stature via the metaphor that is the dichotomy between automobiles, the Jeep (the average person) and the coveted Jaguar (the object of romantic affection).
Just like a car you're pleasing to be hold
I'll call you Jaguar if I may be so bold
'Cos you're my baby, 'cos you're my love
Oh girl I'm just a jeepster for your love - oh

Person A: "Person B is such a jeepster for Person C! "
Person D: "It's such a shame that Person C is a jaguar, she is coveted by many jeepsters".
by The Student12 March 11, 2014
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