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pickle could be synonym to: A difficult situation.
Applied for a job with the competition and my current employer found out. The competition is hesitant on hiring me and I'm about to get fired from my current job. "I’m in a pickle"
by The Sandlot November 28, 2013
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also referred to simply as countess, casa is a woman that enjoys the simple things in life: churro-ing her hair, blowing kisses at strangers, collecting zoos, chess tournaments where she plays herself, being followed around with a parasol, eating salmon from the silver dish they used in the Shiba cat food commercials, talking down to people, charity work, painting the town red, and force-cuddling dink.
One time at customs, they asked Countess Casavajones for her passport. She laughed, threw boiling hot tar on them, screamed do you know who i am, and left.
by The Sandlot May 10, 2009
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