3 definitions by The Salty Sailor

(1) This is the key to offending any gay person ever.

(2) If you're being a faggot, that's different from being gay. It basically means that you're either an asshole, or stupid.
(1) Person 1- "Hey, did you see Tom over there, cupping that guy's nuts?"

Person 2- " What a faggot!"

(2) Person 1- "Stop kicking me seat!"

Person 2-*mocks person 1*

Person 1- "You little FAGGOT!!!"
by The Salty Sailor July 1, 2016
What someone says to you when they understand where you are coming from, or they are impressed with you. Probably one of my favorite phrases to ever exist.

Josh: Hey man. Do you think I should try and get her number. She is fiiiinnnnneee!

Mike: I see you Josh, I see you!

Mike : * Buys new Jordan's, and comes out wearing them*

Josh: Ohhhh, I see you Mike!
by The Salty Sailor July 2, 2016
Yeah... This ain't a word that you'd want to call a woman while in Britain. She will go ape shit. It's a vagina... and a very vulgar way to say it.
"You need to stop being a cunt Linda! Tie your own shoes, you're twenty-eight years old!"

"Sorry I was late Mike. My wife was being a cunt. She said it was weird to go to the cheese-cake factory at five in the morning."
by The Salty Sailor July 1, 2016