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1. An old-fashioned term refering to a perpetual bachelor who is extremely successful with beautiful women.

Women typically want to be with a playboy, they often want to marry him, and some obsess over him. The playboy cares about the women who love him, and can be tormented by how often he hurts them.

A playboy has an intrinsic confidence, the primary source of his attraction. A playboy does not "try" to sleep with women. It would be beneith him. This is merely a side-effect of a charming evening.

The term "playboy" should not be mistaken for the more contemporary "player." Players tend to have low self-esteem and attempt to sleep with women in order to gain self-confidence, a stark distinction from the playboy.

2. A girly magazine, the target audience for which is older, married men who are no longer able to be playboys themselves and boys too young to be playboys, usually the sons of the primary target group.
1. You're a bit of a playboy aren't you?
Oh, I don't know.
It's okay, I'm going to sleep with you anyway.

2. Did you get your dad's playboy?
Yeah, I've got it right here!
by The Playboy February 18, 2010

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Doug (present tense):Douged (past Tense) verb: the act of going to sleep with your kitchen clean and waking up in the morning to your kitchen looking like a food tornado came through it.
example 1: What the hell Chris did you Doug are kitchen last night there's breadcrumbs in the silverware draw?!?!?

example 2: Brian I think we were Douged last night there's tomato sauce on the ceiling!
by The playboy November 09, 2013

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