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Literally stands for "Kiss me you fool".
Usually references a movie scene in which two characters are at the dramatic emotional moment just before they fall into each other's arms and declare their undying love for one another.
Can also be used as sarcastic humor to comment on overdone emotional intensity between two obviously non-romantic characters.
"An emotional argument revealing long hidden feelings, ended with a long simmering stare-down? Well if that's not a KMYF moment I don't know what is."
"What?! They're brothers for crying out loud."
"And if this movie had a higher rating they'd be in each other's arms by now."
by The Peanut Gallery June 11, 2007
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~The insertion of something into ones memory that was never there to begin with.
~A word that is randomly and mentally added into a conversation that is not there; auditory hallucination
#1 - "My friend got a tatto of a pumpkin on his arm last weekend.
#2 - "What?! Why a purple pumpkin?"
#1 - "Purple? Where'd you get purple from?"
#2 - "You just said it."
#1 - "No I didn't. I said he got a tatto of a pumpkin. No color. Just a pumpkin."
#2 - "... oh."
by The Peanut Gallery March 16, 2005
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hearing something in a conversation that wasn't actually there
adding someting mentally into a conversation that wasn't there
Person #1: So my friend is getting a tatoo of a purple pumpkin on his arm.
Person #2: What? Why?
Person #1: Because he likes pumpkins.
Person #2: But why is it purple?
Person #1: It isn't.
Person #2: You just said it was.
Person #1: ... no I didn't. I said he was getting a pumpkin tatoo. That's it.
Person #2: .... oh. Nevermind.
by The Peanut Gallery January 7, 2005
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1. Any and every weapon in the game of World of WarCraft.
2. An over-used joke on the thottbot forums.
That epic mace is definitly a hunter weapon despite the fact that hunters can't even use maces.
by The Peanut Gallery November 27, 2005
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The battle tactic when an immense group of poorly equiped or low -level players/minions/characters swarms a much smaller group of well-defended/high-level characters/players and defeats with sheer numbers.
Originated from the game StarCraft, in which if timed correctly you could send a dozen zerglings (lowest-level soldier avalible) into the enemy's base before they could make defenses. Spread to include any battle tactic that involved massive amounts of zerglings to overwhelm the enemy's defense.
"The 2 dozen mid-20 level alliance just zerg-rushed the 60s attacking Darkshire."

"Why bother wasting resources on Ultralisks when 4 dozen zerglings can rip a Protoss base up like tissue paper in a zerg rush?"
by The Peanut Gallery December 15, 2005
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