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A conversation, usually in text, MSN or Facebook chat, in which the conversee's (people in the conversation) communicate using only 'smiley' faces (faces can also be sad), and sometimes single letters, for example 'K' and 'U'.
An example of text conversation using only smiley faces;

Guy 1) She broke up wiv me.
Guy 2) :\
Guy 1) :'(
Guy 2) :(
Guy 1) :)

Another example is when one person is trying to keep the conversation alive, whilst another is only using smilies and single letters.

Guy 1) R U cumin 2 town?
Guy 2) Yeah, are you coming in as well?
Guy 1) Yeh
Guy 2) I might be a bit late.
Guy 1) :\
Guy 2) Is that ok?
Guy 1) K
Guy 2) OK, I'll see you later :)
Guy 1) KK, cya.
by The Number Of The Beast January 15, 2011
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