13 definitions by The Mountain Cat

The sudden unnoticed advancement of time when hanging out with a particular individual.
Wow, it’s 3 am already?! The damn Mulch Effect gets me every time I hang out with you!
by The Mountain Cat June 21, 2011
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"Vinnie, Your salad tastes delicious with oil & Vinniegar!"
by The Mountain Cat July 15, 2018
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How you describe a epic evening with friends that was very memorable for good reasons. (Plural: Nights of Legend)
"Wow that was a Night of Legends last night. In fact the whole summer has been filled with Nights of Legend!"
by The Mountain Cat July 29, 2012
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Kaostic: adj.

1. A state of being or result that is derived from a tornado like spinning of angst and frenetic energy which produces something fabulous.

2. An unexpected fabulous result.

3. Making lemonade from lemons (or vodka from potatoes).

4. A delusion state of one's own fabulosity.
Hot damn, everything's so kaostic when Kerri Ann comes around!
by The Mountain Cat March 17, 2016
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When your party of eight is finally together.
Now that the two of you have joined the six of us we are at full octopus!
by The Mountain Cat August 21, 2017
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Anyone who uses their smart phone to try to impress people. Usually described by someone who does not own a smart phone.
Guy: "Check out what my new iPhone can do! Don't you wish you had one?"

Girl: "Oh, you think you're such a big shot with your Smarty-Pants Phone."
by The Mountain Cat July 29, 2012
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To congratulate someone for kicking their crack habit. Or for obtaining crack.
You haven't smoked crack for a month, concrackulations!

Concrackulations for finding some decently priced crack!
by The Mountain Cat December 4, 2016
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