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Song by Radiohead. It's a good one.
I was listenin' to creep on mah headphones.
by The Monkey King February 22, 2005
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United Earth Directorate.

Name of the futuristic totalitarian government of Earth found in the game Starcraft. Committed a mass genocide of criminals, psychics and mutants to retain the "purity of the human race". Akin to the Nazi Germany in this sense, and that of an uber-bureaucracy.

First makes their appearance in Brood War, in which a fleet is sent to fight the Protoss and Zerg onslaught. At first does amazingly well, winning numerous battles and taking over the Zerg homeworld of Char; even enslaving the Overmind. Later defeated by the Queen of Blades, so totally that no ship ever makes it back to Earth to tell of what transpired.

Better be back in Starcraft 2.
Excerpt from United Earth News report:

The very mention of this terrifying race once brought fear to all who heard it.
But now we can all rest easy, as our own forces now occupy their very home world of, Char.
Months have passed since our initial confrontation with the Zerg. And now Directorate forces have taken control of the planet Char, long since rumored to cradle the malevolent Overmind of the Zerg.
by The Monkey King February 2, 2005
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