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Reckless, often ruthless children. Typically the product of a bad mother, especially a mother who engages in bi-polar parenting.
That mother engaged in bi-polar parenting; it's no surprise that she has raised a slew of feral children.
by The Mind Surgeon August 9, 2011
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Chauvinism, though often wrongly considered to be gender-specific, is simply biased devotion to any cause, group or idea.

Cultural-Chauvinism, then, is simply biased, unreasonable devotion to one's own culture.
Idiot: My culture is the best!

Non-idiot: Why?

Idiot (in a rare moment of reflection): Because...it's the only one I know.

Non-idiot: you are certainly poisoned by cultural-chauvinism.
by The Mind Surgeon August 9, 2011
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Inside-jokes are typically lame and generally unfunny to everyone but the few who understand them; culture inside-jokes are likewise invariably stupid yet accepted by most in a given culture as excellent.

Cultural inside-jokes need not be about comedy! Anything and anyone can be a cultural inside-joke. The only requirement is that the appreciation for the thing or person extends far beyond reasonableness and clearly reflects the sentimentality and bias of a given culture.
If you want to see an excellent example of a cultural inside-joke, just head down to a Modern Art Museum!
by The Mind Surgeon August 9, 2011
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