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a promiscuiously dressed girl. usually very good looking with an excellent posterior. also, easy going, and fun to be with
that emerelds hot!!!
by the man June 28, 2003
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Chow HAI
You need to wash your CHOW pat pat
by The man October 18, 2001
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to smell bad
that guy got the wet wagons
by The man December 14, 1999
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intoxicated. Very, very intoxicated.
Damn, Fogger's too bued to ride.
by The man March 10, 2005
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also used as adjektive of beeing overtly vulgar or bling-bling.
Damn you'r one pimping Rutherjosh!

Maan, your pimp-juice is way off the Rutherjosh-o-meter
by The Man March 02, 2004
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Unknown. Linguist believe that it may have originated from ancient Mayan and mean to moon the Yoni. Others feel that it was a nonsense word sued by the ancient Egyptians.
Damn he really spoobed on that play. Two marks!
by The Man February 26, 2004
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Refer to Brian Inocencio.
"Hey inkashit,...I MEAN INO."
by The Man April 09, 2003
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